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Not dead!

I can assure you guys that I'm definitely not dead. I was just busy over the summer and also haven't been much interested in livejournal. Sorry folks!

Anyway, I'm back to working at HyLife, which is a pork producing company. I'm working once again in a sow barn, which isn't too bad. At least I know the manager from last year, it's just the personnel that mostly changed. Besides that, I also got accepted at Red River College in Winnipeg! I will be studying Creative Communications starting this fall! :D I'm very excited. The University of Winnipeg isn't really for me anymore, so I think I can succeed in that program.

As for cons, I didn't make it to AC this year, but I'm hoping to make it to MFF. The peer pressure is high, plus I don't want to miss out on going to a con that I really would like to. But we'll see what happens in college and such.

On a side note, I'm taking a break from fursuiting. Not because I don't have fun with it, but because I sent my head to Kilcodo to get it checked on and updated, plus a body suit is on its way, so I'll be rocking a full suit this fall. Can't wait! :D

That's all for now!

*dusts off journal*

Ok, since I haven't posted here in a long time, I'll say this:

Last weekend's bowling was awesome,
I think I have an idea of what I wanna do with my life, and
Spring break is awesome.

The end. :3

Frohes Fest!

o/~ Einmal werden wir noch wach, heya, dann ist Weihnachtstag! o/~

I just want to wish you all, my friends from near and far, happy holidays and a very happy new year! Hope that you'll get the presents you want and have a great time with your families! :)


Finals and next cover

Which song should I cover next?

The Offspring - Come out and play
System of a Down - Pictures

Alrighty, so I'm in the middle of final exams for semester (f***ing stressful T_T), but once I'm on my holiday break, I can spend a great amount of time with my family and my grandmother, who will arrive from Germany on Monday. :D

Anyway, I need help choosing the next cover for my fursuit drum video. I have found some good bands, and I narrowed it down to these two. So vote for the one you like the most!

Much needed update

Wow, haven't posted in here for a loooong time.

Anyway, I'm back at university, all moved in, and I even joined the college soccer team. Though it's pretty hard, when you don't have the proper stamina. At least I have the guts to hustle. My skills are a little rusty too.

I also watched The Expendables this weekend. Ho boy, haven't seen this many explosions since Die Hard 2 maybe. I dunno, there were lots of explosions, guns, killed soldiers and one hell of a badass crew. lol But the movie overall was very good, I must say.

I came out of the closet


I was hiding my furryness from my parents long enough. And yesterday was the time I told them about it.

Mom saw my fursuit, and I offered her to show it to her, and she agreed, so I quickly suited up and showed off. She was giggling and smiling the whole time, so that was great to see, then I showed my dad...same reaction.

I told them about the fur meets I go to, Anthrocon, my fursuit, and how much I love being in the fandom. They nodded and made a great response to my interests. I'm fortunate to have such open-minded parents. :3

So yeah, success! :D


AC Report

So yeah, finally I have the time to write up my report of the awesome week I’ve had. So here it goes:

Me and my homies left Winnipeg at around 3 after grabbing a bite to eat at burger king, and we crossed the border a few hours later, with the van with the fursuits forced to pull into the garage for check up. I was like “fffff!!!”, hoping nothing will happen. Thankfully, nothing did, so we continued. We dared ourselves to drive overnight, and succeeded...until 6 am, about 15 minutes from Chicago.
One of our vans, with me in it, were about to miss a toll booth, and we couldn’t afford being pulled over, so we quickly made a lane change, and succeeded, until a semi rear-ended us. No serious injuries, just bruises, sore body parts, and a broken nose suffered by palm palm. Waited 4 hours at the scene of the crash and the hospital, but we were able to continue and arrive in Pittsburgh at 9 PM. As we saw some suiters already out, me, Vall and Rav though, “why not?” and jumped into our suits immediately. Met a few suiters and messed around with them, including Taxi. Such a cute suit. Then it was time for bed. X3

We just cruised around the Westin a bit in the morning and basically just hung out before we got into suit. Not much happened on that day. Met a few folks, including Coopertom (awesome dude), registered for the con, chilled out and enjoyed myself at the rave that evening.

Although I did mess around with Caspian in suit, which was fun. :3

Opening ceremonies went smoothly, and was entertained by Uncle Kage and crew, and the flash mob that got almost everyone to dance to “Walk the Dinosaur”, which was awesome. Afterwards, I saw so many suiters out there, getting fursuiter badges, and of course, I quickly jumped in and grabbed mine too. I also had the chance to suit around for a while afterwards, so I did. Checked out the Dealer’s Den with my friends and met inspiring and friend artists. Of course, when I met Kilcodo, I had to hug her, and commission her. She’s a great artist and person. Afterwards, I checked out more and went to the Artist Alley and found Ifus, Roch (digital-blood), Koze and Crush. I was happy with how many people recognized me, but then again, I was in fursuit. lol
After dinner and such, I checked out the zoo and such, and met a few more folks. Then I decided to go to the friendly dance in suit, and partied out with Cheeto and my bud Rav. Good times. :3

I planned to attend a panel for fursuiting but I ended up oversleeping so that I had plenty of time to get ready for the fursuit parade. Met a few suiters and chatted with them before heading out in suit beside Rav, since he has horrid vision out of his head, but I was able to guard him, thanks to my 3D eyes. ;) Afterwards, we took photos for the big fursuit photo. 713 suiters! I was part of AC history! :D
The Kilcodo photoshoot happened right after, with about 6 suiters attending, I think. Took group and individual photos ,which was awesome. ^^ The rest of the day was chilling and browsing the dealer’s room, out of suit this time, and finally got to hang with Crush, Koze, Doryuu, Phor, Recca and Howee. Awesome people right there. :3 Pizza, suiting, and a whole lotta ghetto that evening.

I didn’t suit much that day, just more checking out the Dealer’s Den and Artist Alley, but I got to meet a few folks that I didn’t get to meet earlier in the con (Mela and Shnellz), so that made me note to myself “Get a cell phone!!!” lol
It was also the day for the G-Shep photoshoot that I organized. Well...tried to. Some folks didn’t show up, but it was still quite the turnout! :D It was hard to organized it, because I found out that the con doesn’t have access to the rooftop this year, and I planned the shoot to be on the rooftop. Big bummer of course, so we changed the meeting spot to near the headless lounge. Worked out at the end. :3
Afterwards it was just more hanging out with Crush and Koze, until I was forced to go back to my room since we were leaving first thing Monday Morning. :(

For my first con, it was an amazing time! Nice and big, although some things that I wanted to check out overlapped, so that I didn't get everything done as I planned out, oh well.

Shout outs go to everyone I met, hung out, and suited with. You know who you are. ;)

Anthrocon Bound!

upp, packing tonight and leaving tomorrow!

I'll be going with my homies Vall, Furgeta, Euchre, Rav, T4 and etc. on a road trip. Gonna be going there on a fast pace, so that we hope to arrive on Wednesday evening at the latest. I think we'll be leaving on Monday afternoon. I'd have to check.

Anyway, hope to see you guys, whoever is going! :D

Stoked for a month


Honest to God, I've been waiting too long for this. I will be cheering hard for DEUTSCHLAAAAND!

But also, since my aunts from Denmark, I hope the Danish will make it far too. They make the best hot dogs! lol

Anyway: *sings* 54, 74, 90, 2010! JA so stimmen wir alle ein! Mit dem Herz in der Hand und der Leidenschaft im Bein, werden wir Weltmeister sein! WOOOO, LET'S GO GERMANY!

Writer's Block: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

Do you give your vehicles names? If so, what are they?

Named '85 Oldsmobile Regency Ninety-Eight Rose, before I sold her before university last year. And now my '95 Volvo 850 is named Helga, thanks to my sister. lol